Natural. Simple. Pure.

Creative solutions utilizing beneficial natural minerals, carefully selected from nature, with various healthy features, offering a simple and carefree way for the body to rediscover the balance in life.

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Always communicating.

Walking, eating, swiping on your phone, the muscles of the body can complete all of these actions because the brain is sending messages through our nervous system to the muscles telling them to move our arms and feet.  How these messages are communicated is via our bioelectricity.  Bioelectricity is the electrical current that sustains life.

When our bioelectricity is regulated, the messages being transmitted via nerves are much smoother and in turn our muscles will be better coordinated and organic systemic operations will be much better.

Let it Flow.

The human body consists of 70% water and the total length of an average adult’s capillary is able to circle the globe 2.5 times!  The resonance effects of FIR on water molecules within our bodies can cause capillaries to expand and improve body tissue metabolism.

The FIR emitted can be absorbed by our skin to increase localized blood flux and blood flow which allow for a more efficient delivery of oxygen to the muscles.

向量素材 03
向量素材 03

Essential, essentials.

Minerals are one of the seven most essential nutrients required by our bodies. However, our body cannot produce minerals on its own, and must rely on supplementing from foods or other external means.  

In our ever-increasing fast paced world where efficiency and convenience trumps all, while distancing us from health. 

With the essence of nature  at our core, we are able to soothe and maintain our bodies and find our way back to health while keeping in mind the requisites of our current modern environment.  We offer the essence of nature anytime, anywhere, all the time.

All or nothing.

Safety is the most fundamental and important feature for anything to do with health. Our “no compromise” attitude from raw materials to every single step in development and production processes must meet, pass and conform to strict global safety standards. Always, scrutinizing every detail in pursuit of the ultimate peace of mind for everyone.

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Layer after layer.

Natural minerals consist of very different densities and hardnesses.  After meticulous screening and preparation, the minerals are precision laid one layer at a time in order to meet the specific design and efficacy of the product set out at the start.  

Our proprietary process of layering minerals allows us to develop, create and improve on lifestyle solutions new and old.  Utilizing Artificer Layers® technology allows us to develop and offer more products which can be easily applied to various parts of the body bringing health even closer.  Currently, used on our most demanded collaboration product—BALANCE Mineral Patches, which is also our most requested product and best seller.

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Mix it up.

By ensuring the stable combination of our raw minerals with various types of materials or compounds.  Our Artificer Hybrid® technology allows the development of healthy lifestyle product solutions with elevated features and functions while ensuring the utmost quality and safety.

In cooperation with elite level performance facilities for testing on past and future fabric efficacies.  Along with our ever strong support from a world leading textile supply chain. Mineral fabric with innovations abound!

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Pure refined.

With all the new developments in biotech for health consisting mostly of synthetic solutions in order to quickly and easily offer maximum benefits. All the while, at the cost of distancing us from reaching a natural and balanced way to health. 

In order to preserve what nature has to offer, a new choice which brings nature up close and personal and still meets the needs of our busy modern lifestyles is what we achieved!

To further our applications of minerals into more health solutions.  Artificer Essence® technology realizes this via refining but maintaining the purity of the trace mineral elements magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium which are essential for maintenance of a healthy well-being.  And allows us to debut our supplements and body care products for a more complete health–inside and out!

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