Core Technology

All Artificer products comprise of natural minerals selected for their health benefit features which are then combined in perfect proportions to help people move one step closer to a healthy lifestyle.

Natural Mineral Uses for Health, A Return to Balance

From ancient times to the present, the use of mineral resources has been an indispensable part of human life, surrounding all aspects of life such as diet, clothing, housing, transportation, education, and entertainment. Minerals are considered to have natural curative and beneficial properties and are therefore widely used in the production of various health products. Through the use of these products, people can improve their overall health and quality of life.

Furthermore, in the field of modern medical research, mineral elements have been proven to be one of the essential nutrients for maintaining human health. The relationship between minerals and disease prevention is inseparable and important.

AERO® Core Technology – “A healthy origin, from Nature”


Among natural minerals, the energy emitted by some minerals can offer health benefits to the human body. Artificer screened a variety of minerals exhibiting these benefits and through further processing and a combination of perfect proportions to develop our exclusive mineral core technology - AERO® core technology.

We hope that more people can feel the pure power of minerals in a way that is close to nature, return to the essence of the body, explore the balance between life and health, and bring health into life. It is our hope to bring people closer to nature, to feel the inherent powers of minerals, to return to an essence of body. And to explore the balance in life by bringing health into your life.

Aero 原料配方 03

Natural minerals extracted from nature have a variety of inherent properties and can be combined with multiple materials.

Aero Terra

AERO TERRA® Composition Breakdown

AERO TERRA® is rich in mineral elements and has been proven to contain no harmful substances to the human body. These mineral elements have properties such as stabilizing the human body's bioelectricity and releasing far-infrared emissions, which can aid in restoring the bodily systems to a balanced operation.

Learn more about how AERO® Technology brings substantial benefits to the human body

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「Zero Harm」 Is Our Safety Guarantee


Harmless – Safe to Use, Safe to Eat

The raw natural minerals used by Artificer come from the earth or bodies of water and have passed numerous strict international safety standards to ensure that their beneficial properties are stable and do not contain heavy metals or other harmful substances that can have a detrimental influence on human health.

[Note] The composition and properties of each individual mineral is different. Not all minerals are guaranteed beneficial to the human body. For example: Nickel is an essential trace element for the human body. The human body needs nickel to promote blood coagulation and other important physiological functions. However, if nickel concentration becomes too high, it may have toxic effects on our organs.

Health is with us for a lifetime, it’s your right to choose safe products that give you complete peace of mind

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Our Big 3 Processing Technologies

Committing to our spirit of continuous innovation and development, combined with Artificer’s professional process technologies. We create a full range of mineral health products. It is our original intention to share with you the healthy experience resulting from a symbiosis with nature.


Artificer Layers® Technology

The raw minerals and inks undergo a blending to ensure that the mineral content meets our standard for maximum efficacy. Artificer Layers® technology creates a proprietary mineral coating which can be developed into a variety of products that can be easily applied to various parts of the body. Bringing the body closer to health.

Developed Products

Balance | Mineral Patches


Artificer Hybrid® Technology

Researched and analyzed the chemical structural combination of various materials to ensure that the raw minerals can be integrated into a manifold of different materials in a stable manner. Artificer Hybrid® technology can enhance the features and functions of the products creating healthy lifestyle accessories of the highest quality and utmost of safety.

Developed Products

Rhythm | Series of Accessories


Element|Series of Accessories


Florals|Series of Accessories


Artificer Essence® Technology

The mineral essence extracted from natural bodies of water (mountain springs, oceans) is fully preserved with Artificer Essence® technology. It fully retains the rich natural ionic minerals and various trace elements which are easily absorbed and utilized by the human body and have great health and body maintenance value.

Developed Products

Mineralux | Comprehensive Mineral Supplement