Mineral Accessories

Embrace the balancing power of nature and enjoy every moment of blooming vitality

Minerals are nature’s gift to us. Listen to the real needs of your body and find a healthy maintenance method that satisfies you. Whatever it is, it will be the most perfect choice because it is customed made by you.

Why Mineral Accessories?

Using a different approach to enhance your health

Modern people are constantly surrounded by a hectic work life, daily pressures, irregular diets and environmental pollution. This causes them to feel restless and tired day in and day out. Which leads to poor sleep quality and a lack of overall energy eventually bringing about muscle tightness and an unbalanced (unhealthy) pace of life.

The natural properties of minerals offer appropriate benefits to the body reducing interference from the external environment, improving circulation, enhancing balance and coordination, all leading to a superior healthy lifestyle.

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Product 2
Product 2
Mineral care, Unburdened understanding of the body’s demands

Nature | Bringing health closer

We believe that true health comes from living in balance. It’s our sincere intent to let more people experience the power of minerals. With our proprietary Artificer technology, it’s our responsibility to focus on the continual development of natural, effective, practical and harmless mineral products. Let minerals reconnect us with nature, providing the body with balance and stability at all times. Health is actually closer than you think.

Core Technology
The 3 Main Features of the Product
Mineral care, a better investment for your health

Sense|Integrating Design into Life

We believe that design is a very important detail and are committed to creating products that are durable, timeless and genuine fit for everyday lifestyles while brightening your health. With accessories that combine beauty, practicality and functionality at the same time, we offer you a unique style for each and every situation allowing the properties of minerals to enhance each and every moment.

Mineral Care, Guranteed to stand the test of time

Safety | From raw materials to finished products

We insist on using only 100% safe materials. The selection of raw mineral materials and product materials has undergone a number of international safety inspections to remove harmful ingredients and minimize the risks to our bodies when wearing them. Throughout the production process, strict control of every step and procedure was conducted and the final inspections were performed with the highest standards to ensure product quality. Our adherence to this is to preserve the most natural and purest essence for the body.

Safety Reports

Artificer Mineral Accessories, Which One is Right for You?

Athletic Leisure

Rhythm Bracelet


Step into a steady pace of life and allow minerals to easily become part of your daily routine. Combining strength, beauty, lightness and elasticity, making it the first choice for elevating your health.

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Rhythm Necklace


Break through the constraints of the body and challenge your own limits. Feel the power of minerals and return to a state of balance with life.

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Kids' World

Rhythm for kids


Offering beneficial health protection during the growth process of learning and creation. Helping children get better quality rest and to replenish their vitality.

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Metro Chic


NT$6400 ~ NT$7600

Inject some vitality into your hectic daily lives and move towards health. Allowing you to better focus on things worth working on.

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Concept Series



Making mineral health easy and feel good. You deserve to take care of yourself with nature in all it’s beauty. Mindful living adds to a healthier lifestyle and lets you radiate your charming confidence.

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User Feedback

Mr. Lee

Thumbs up! A product that works! When doing weight training, there is a noticeable difference in stability when wearing and not wearing the product! Also, I also feel a difference when using my cell phone. On long conversations, my head doesn't feel as uncomfortable.

Mr. Lin

Seeing Artificer products worn by friends and running buddies, at first, I thought that it was just an accessory. But after wearing it, my running improved, fatigue from sitting for long periods of time at the office was gone and I felt more energetic. I started to recommend it to friends who all gave similar good responses. Highly recommend it! Thumbs up!

Miss Lu

Due to having to lift heavy items at work has caused stiff neck and shoulders, soreness in my wrist. Artificer was introduced to me by a friend. After wearing it a period of time, the tightness throughout my body was lessened, alleviated the long-time stiff neck and shoulders and wrist soreness was gone. Also, the product is very stylishly designed, even my daughter likes the product.

Ms. Yang

In the past, my left wrist was often prone to cramping and discomfort. After wearing Artificer bracelet every day for the past year, the discomfort in my wrist when doing sports is greatly improved to the point of almost being gone! I wear a lot of jewelry on my hands and change them very often, the only thing I don't change is my Artificer bracelet!

Ms. Lai

10 years ago while traveling in India, I fell and broke my ankle. Since then, I often feel that movement in my right ankle is not very smooth. I am so happy that after wearing Artificer's ankle bracelet, the tension in my ankle has been relieved tremendously and motion has been improved and the discomfort is gone. Artificer products are effective and look very nice, I wear it every day, even when showering, I never take it off.

Ms. Lin

Due to the excessive pressures of my work, I find it difficult to sleep at night and suffer from insomnia. After a recommendation from a friend and hearing that the natural minerals included in the products have been tested and conforms to EU standard certifications, I purchased an Artificer necklace. Previously, I would fall asleep and then keep waking up and dozing back to sleep throughout the night. After wearing it, I find that I can now sleep right through until morning and my quality of sleep has improved significantly!

Inviting you to experience a mineral accompanying balanced life

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