FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Mineral Compound, Product Features, Precautions, Order Delivery, Repairs, Returns and Exchanges. Artificer provides you with answers to all frequently asked questions about products.

Regarding Products


Functions and Features

What are the minerals used in the product? Can electromagnetic waves be blocked?

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Mineral Patches

Where and how to apply them? How long can I apply them for? How many should I use at a time?

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Mineral Health

Who is this for? When is the ideal time to take this? Are there any side effects?

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Mineral Accessories

Should I wear a necklace or bracelet? How to choose the correct size?

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About Purchasing


Where to Buy

Do you have physical store locations?Central, South Taiwan and outlying islands or international locations, how to buy?

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Orders and Shipping

What types of payment options are available? Are there shipping costs? How can I cancel an order if I change my mind?

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Repairs, Exchanges/Returns

What to do if the product is the wrong size? What to do if I need to repair my product?

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