What is Artificer’s health bracelet?

Since our start six years ago, whether it’s promoting to customers or receiving calls from consumers, we often receive confused calls asking: “Are your products energy bracelets?” or “Do your products offer the same effects as titanium bracelets and negative ion water bottles and what’s the difference?” or “I’m a light sleeper, if I use your products, will it help much?” etc. along with many other questions unclear about “what” our products are and “what” features they offer. In order to clear up any misconceptions, the following paragraphs will answer—What is Artificer’s health bracelet and what the actual benefits to you and your current situation are?

Is Artificer an “Energy” bracelet?

The market has been bombarded by the so called “energy bracelet” for quite some time now. A few years ago, athletes from the NBA, MLB and other professional sports ranging from regular players to superstars all started wearing these “energy” products. This led to a trend that exploded into the mass consumer market as everyone became curious about the products and rushed to try them out.

As the popularity and enthusiasm towards these products increased. Even more manufacturers began to focus on this category but the resulting quality of the products was very mixed. Some brands overexaggerated the effects of the products; other brands in order to minimize costs, used materials and processes that were unsafe for the body and instead emitted harmful effects; still other products didn’t even have any of the claimed effects. Due to the popularity of the products claimed by much marketing, the reputation of “energy products” rapidly declined and were viewed as gimmicks.

From the very start, we have never considered our products as “energy products”. We are very clear that Artificer products cannot offer any energy that can sustain life. Through the use of natural minerals which release beneficial effects which are not visible to the human eye. The products can improve the lifestyle and environments of modern people. As the environment is improved, the body will naturally feel more comfortable and healthier. We continue and consider ourselves to be in the health accessory category and hope to offer more people comfort and balance in our ever-increasing fast paced world.

Health is not defined by the elimination of disease, but by the balance of body and peace of mind

So, what can Artificer products offer you?

The principal feature of our health bracelet—regulating your bioelectricity

The main difference between Artificer health bracelets and other products in this category is that our products can regulate the body’s bioelectricity. In short, we can “decrease the effects of electromagnetic interference to our bodies!”.

Controlling movements of hands, feet, face, walking and sports are all messages sent by the brain. Everything is transmitted through the nerves to tell the muscles how to move. If nerve transmission is not smooth. We may not be able to control the movement of our limbs naturally, and may be prone to jitters--unstable conditions arise. The transmission of nerve impulses use the bioelectricity of the human body to exchange information. The influence of electric currents on the body is everywhere. Even the entry and exit of substances through the cell membranes are dependent on the changes in microcurrents.

When there is electricity, an electromagnetic field is present, mutually affecting each other. In our modern world where electricity is widely used, the body is always being affected. For example, when a mobile phone transmits signals. The interference on the microcurrents of the body will be more obvious, affecting signal transmission and cause the body to lose balance.

The natural minerals used in all Artificer products have inherent properties of regulating bioelectricity and decreasing electromagnetic interference to our bodies. When these effects to our body are decreased, the body’s signals will return to a stable state which enhances the ease of performing balance actions or power actions. This is especially evident in fitness settings and thus many fitness instructors will wear Artificer bracelets or necklaces during their classes or when training.

During class if I see a student that seems to be tired, I’ll lend them my bracelet to wear to help them “be into” class. Some people after putting on the bracelet will feel more energetic and their movements will be much more stable. I will then adjust the training and difficulty according to the situation to help improve their performance

------Brook (Professional Strength & Conditioning Trainer)

Integrating the Emission of Far-Infrared and Rich Natural Mineral Elements to Further Bring Health into Our Life

In order for the product to fully enhance the user’s environment, the Artificer bracelet combines elements and properties that are beneficial to the human body, making the body feel more comfortable and healthier.

  1. Far-infrared rays - can resonate with the molecules of the human body, promote the expansion of capillaries, smooth blood circulation, aid metabolism, etc. Therefore, far-infrared rays are also called the "light of fertility."
  2. Natural mineral elements - Minerals are one of the essential nutrients that the human body cannot synthesize by itself. The macro and trace elements in natural minerals that are beneficial to the human body can help balance the autonomic nervous system, regulate metabolic circulation, and have certain benefits for physical health.

Offering new possibilities for health through the integration of three main functions—regulating bioelectricity, emission of far infrared and rich in mineral elements

Artificer offers a new choice for health, but it is definitely not a cure all

Through the combination of natural minerals and manufacturing technology, as well as design aesthetics, we hope to provide a healthy choice that is easier to integrate into life.

However, everyone’s suitable environment is different. Some people may be more sensitive and experience a big change after wearing Artificer products. Whereas others don’t feel any change and wear them purely as accessories. Whether a product can bring significant changes varies from person to person, and you need to understand through actual experience and the needs of your body.

But more importantly, health products are by no means a cure all solution, nor can they replace medical treatments. If you feel uncomfortable, you still need to seek help from a doctor to find the root cause of the problem.


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