Suffering from Poor Sleep Quality? Use the Bracelet to Help You Find the Problem and Improve It!

Sleep quality is the most prominent annoyance for busy office workers. What’s even more painful for someone that wants to become healthier—is not knowing where the problem lies! Thanks to the advances in technology, we are finally able to find the problems through science. The number and volume of searches for smart wearable devices has exponentially grown since 2013. Whether it’s for heart monitors, sleep tracking, exercise data or meditation guidance, all this information can now be objectively collected through technology making it easier for us to know where our problems are.

But, knowing the problem is one thing. Finding a correct and easy to practice solution is the only way to treat the symptoms and cure the problem.
Hope that the suggestions below can help everyone to improve your sleep quality for a healthier lifestyle.

Is My Sleep Quality “really” Good? – Decrypting Smart Devices

Sometimes, sleeping for a long time does not actually mean good quality sleep. As mentioned before, after drinking it is much easier to fall asleep. But drinking actually decreases the quality of sleep. Resulting in our body’s not being able to be well rested and we wake up even more tired. Quality over quantity when it comes to sleep cannot be ignored.(For more details please see: The key to sleep quality discount: scholars confirm is that small glass of….)

Through monitoring by our smart devices, our status of sleep quality is readily available on mobile Apps. We can quickly track changes in our sleep cycles. Different cycles allow our bodies to execute different repairs needed. If the cycle does not meet the required time for the body to fully rest. Then upon awaking, you will still feel tired due to insufficient sleep as the quality of sleep was poor.

With this data, we can understand whether there is room for improvement in our sleep quality. Once the current situation is clear, the most important step is to find a way to enhance our sleep quality.

The Natural Minerals Used in the Sports Bracelet, Enhances Deep Sleep and Increases the Quality of Rest

Aside from using melatonin, the most common way to enhance sleep quality is to improve our external environment to provide a more comfortable setting for our body and senses. Whether it’s changing your bedding, lowering the room temperature, playing white noise or lighting candles. All are commonly used magic weapons to counter poor sleep quality.

In addition, some people will also try negative ion products. Negative ions have the inherent function of regulating our nervous system which supports to further stabilize our body’s operations. For some users, this will increase the sleep quality required by the body for daily maintenance and rest. For more information on negative ions, please refer to – What are Anions?

Artificer’s necklaces and bracelets are rich in negative ions released from the natural minerals used. Many consumers have indicated that after wearing the bracelet or necklace, they sleep much better at night, are able to enter a deeper sleep and wake up without feeling tired anymore.

Wearable Monitoring Devices with Artificer Bracelets and Necklaces, Actual Evaluation Results by a Fitness Trainer

Artificer had the opportunity to contact yoga teacher Nick and offered him the opportunity to try our products. Since Nick’s specialty is yoga, therefore, his body’s balance and bioelectrical currents are better than the average person. Initially, he did not have any significant effects from the products. Later, Nick tried one of our necklaces with increased AERO mineral content which allowed him to feel the effects of the products!

By monitoring with a wearable device, Nick noticed an increase in his amount of deep sleep compared to before and he was able to get better quality sleep.

In addition, the far infrared features offered by the bracelet and necklace alleviated muscle soreness and fatigue.

Differing Mineral Contents of the Bracelet or Necklace Offers Different Sleep Experience

Sleep quality problems are different for everyone. The amount of negative ions required differs from person to person, so Artificer offers a variety of different star classification of products to satisfy different needs. If, like Nick, you don’t feel much benefit from the sports bracelet (AERO ★ one star), you may consider using the necklace series (AERO ★ ★ two stars to ★ ★ ★ three stars) which may provide a more significant benefit.

We would like to thank Nick for sharing his results with us! If you are interested in yoga, you can search and follow Nick’s fan page on Facebook to get more information about yoga and fitness.

Nick & Lars yoga life

Lastly, wishing everyone the best and for a good night’s sleep!

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